The First Ever Bundesliga Goal

On August 24th, 1963, 17 minutes into the first matchday of the inaugural Bundesliga season, 1860 Munich striker Rudolf Brunnenmeier nutmegged Eintracht Braunschweig keeper Hans Jäcker to give his side a 1-0 lead. It was 1860 Munich’s first ever Bundesliga goal. It was the first Bundesliga goal that was caught on camera. But it was only the second goal in Bundesliga history.

That historic first goal was scored by Borussia Dortmund striker Friedhelm “Timo” Konietzka, just 58 seconds into his side’s game against Werder Bremen. But as Konietzka recalled, it wasn’t recorded on film:

“You didn’t have cameras in all the stadiums back then, and as we were at Bremen all the photographers had positioned themselves behind our goal.”

Which isn’t 100% accurate. There were film cameras, but they weren’t ready in time for Konietzka’s early goal. Just some second half footage of that game was recorded for the highlights show in the evening. Nitpicky detail, though.

Timo Konietzka, aged 73, passed away this Tuesday, following a lengthy batte with incurable cancer of the gallbladder. So we’ll have to make do remembering his contribution to Bundesliga history without grainy b/w footage and instant replay.

Farewell Timo Konietzka.

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